007 Still life / 静物


What have been before you designed. What might be after you designed. The situation behind a design, the thoughts of the client, and how to see the world. Thinking about unexplored areas that have not yet been designed. Or what the design has brought. While following the line led by an unexpected coincidence, embark on a journey to learn about design and the things around it. This project is a souvenir of such a kind of trip seeking what design is.

from the team UNDESIGNED

Perspective / 視点

Still life/ 静物




絵画の世界では、自然界から切り取られた花や果物をを含めて動かないモチーフについて静物(スティルライフ)という言葉が使われる。だが、切り取られた花も果物もまだ瑞々しく生きているという意味では、確かに still life であり、矛盾と含みのある両義的な言葉だ。植物か動物か、生きているか死んでいるか、自然なのか人工なのか、僕らは物事を分けて考えてしまうことに慣れているけれど、風や、雲や、空や、そういうものすら、実体のない現象のようなものまで、なにかの大きな営みの中にただ在るとも言える。野に咲く花も、ただ目の前で時間とともに過ぎていく流れ、時間のようなものを見せてくれていると言えるのかもしれない。(M.N) 

Site / 現場

2+ (tuu_ten) meets NANAMEUE at minagarten

2+ (tuu_ten) and NANAMEUE workshops I have introduced here several times have been held as AMBIDEX's pop-up shop in shop in Minagarten, so I went to Minaga, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima City again. The reason why Minagarten, which stands in a residential area 10km away from the city center, always has a pleasant atmosphere, is that it retains the appearance of the former agricultural warehouse. The cafe on the 1st floor and the shared kitchen space on the 2nd floor are open spaces that can be called almost semi-outdoors, so you will understand that you are always connected to the outside. By the way, when I went up to the 3rd floor, which is the venue of the workshop, it was hot and humid at that time due to the temperature that rose to 30 degrees Celsius, and some portable air conditionar was operating, but at the same time, good smiles that AMBIDEX staff provided will lower the sensible temperature.

Well, first of all, I'm going to discribe the workshop of NANAMEUE. Here, by placing marker ink of your favorite color on white paper with a butterfly motif and dripping water on it with a dropper, the ink gradually dilutes and the gradation spreads, and the butterfly is diyed a combination of that color. This time, the butterfly can be attached to a brooch that looks like a knitted cloth with a wire and used as an accessory. Then, with the same mechanism, you can add colours to a more practical Uchiwa (a Japanese handy fan) for summer. In any case, it is a simple method of blurring the colors, but it is interesting that the unique color emerges depending on the combination of colors and the amount of water dripping.

Next, tuu_ten's "Drawstring porch made from the leftover cloth that happened to be chosen" This is that if you choose a cloth and a string by lottery, then Satoshi (from 2+) supposed to make a drawstring porch on the spot. Choose two types of cloth and a string from the house-shaped box, and then Satoshi will operate the sewing machine with a familiar hand and complete the porch in about 15 minutes. This contingency is a concept that was also tried in the previous "accidental bag", and I cannot help feeling respect for the once-in-a-lifetime thing. In addition, some different sizes of drawstring porch made with samples could be purchased on the spot. But in fact, it is also their generosity that you can get ordered one if you ask.

I think that both are very modern in that they offer the value of customization, or something that is unique to you (the only thing that is different from the others). The story, including the process of being produced, also becomes your experience. Nowadays we are surrounded by bunch of stuff and most of. them are mass produced. What these workshops quietly convey might be the importance of such a personalized value. 

In addition, next to the workshop booth, there was also a sales corner for items handled by the gallery shop NANAMEUE. The one that caught my eye was the ladybug T-shirt. This is a handmade item that is experimentally made to order by Fujimoto Pro, who is also the shop owner of NANAMEUE. The fabric of the ready-made T-shirt is extruded out as it is and the ladybugs are molded. This is a "worth to buy" item for this summer recommended by UNDESIGNED.

2これまで何度かここでも紹介してきた、2+ (tuu_ten) と NANAMEUE のワークショップがミナガルテン(Minagarten)で展開された AMBIDEX のポップアップの shop in shop として開催されたので再び広島市佐伯区皆賀まで。市内中心部から10km離れた住宅地の中に佇むMinagarten にいつ訪れても気持ち良い空気が流れているのは、そこが元農業倉庫だった頃の佇まいがそのまま活かされているからでしょうか。1階のカフェも2階のシェアキッチンのスペースもほぼ半屋外とも呼べる開放的な空間のため、常に外と繋がっているというのを体が理解するんでしょうね。さて、ワークショップの会場である3階に上がると、流石にこの季節は30度まで上がった気温のせいで蒸し暑く、業務用の冷風器が稼働していましたが、それと共にAMBIDEXスタッフさんの気持ちの良い笑顔が体感温度を下げてくれます。


続いては、2+ (tuu_ten) の「たまたま引いた残布で作る巾着」これは、くじで布と紐を選ぶと2+が巾着をその場で作り上げてくれるというもの。家形のボックスから布2種類と紐を選び、あとは 2+ の覚さんが手慣れた手つきでミシンを操り、15分ほどで巾着を完成させます。この偶然性は前回の「たまたまかばん」でも試みられたコンセプトで、tuu_ten の中にある一期一会的なものへのリスペクトを感じないわけにはいきません。また、サンプルで制作したいくつかのサイズ違いの巾着はその場で買い求めることもできるようになっていました。でも実は頼めばちゃんとオーダーでも作ってくれるというのが彼らの寛大なところでもあります。


また、ワークショップブース横ではギャラリーショップであるNANAMEUEで扱っているアイテムの販売コーナーも設けられていました。中でも、目を引いたのは、てんとう虫のTシャツ。これは、NANAMEUEのショップオーナーでもあるフジモトプロが実験的に受注生産しているハンドメイドのアイテム。既成のTシャツの生地をそのまま摘み出しててんとう虫を成形しています。これはUNDESIGNEDが推すこの夏の worth to buy なアイテムです。



Some of photos in video was taken by Mami Wasada

Does AI image generator change the world?

To confess, I'm a kind of person who likes new stuff. Curiosity takes me somewhere unfamiliar with some clumsiness always. By the way, have you heard of any stories which now artificial intelligent can make drawings by words given. Well, that's a mind blowing experience. When I heard the fact that now we can apply to use such an image generator, I certainly submitted to take my trial account over Midjourney immediately. After 5 days I did it, I received an Email to join.

These are my first pictures which I've created (by words)

The first one, I tried to create some sci-fi like images which describe the landscape cityscape invaded by forest. I've been thinking this might be a new way to make images for some sort of design competition related to futuristic city. The second, it's obvious if you saw the prompts I made, it comes from the lyrics from "IMAGINE" by John Lennon. Actually, this is too weird, even gross, for the beautiful song, isn't it? So, then I realized AI still lack of expression for natural language of art, especially when it draw human. However, you shouldn't underestimate it as well. Maybe, your prompt was not good enough draw perfectly.

Let's see another try. 

Prompt: a boat floating on the Seto inland sea which is very calm, in the late afternoon, view from the bridge to seeing west, photo-realistic, nostalgic mood

This was a drawing I tried to describe the cover picture of this issue. Gradually I've understood this AI image generator must be a game changer. Now you can make your art or drawing with words, not any brush, pen, or software... That liberate people who aren't good at draw images by oneself to create one's imaginary world, if you could describe it in your correct words.

So far, you can apply to "beta trial" over Midjourey's web site then you need to join Discord to use it. Trial can create 25 images then you can decide to subscribe or not.


Essentials / 日常


Here, the essence of design that can be found in everyday life and the perspective on things are talked about by each sensibility. Plus, with a good music playlist for you. Each time, it is randomly provided by UNDESIGNED members and guest writers.

逆読み / reverse reading


illustration and text by Maiko Teramoto



意外といい顔建築 / Unexpectedly handsome


Photo and text by Michiaki Nishio普段は単なる風景として見落としてしまうような,でもよく見ると意外といい顔な建築を取り上げます.

Photo and text by Michiaki Nishio



data source: https://skyskysky.net/building-japan/34hiroshima/01/012.html 

特別版:カナダからの手紙 / Love letter from Canada: extra edition


Photo and text by Arimu Iwamoto










Well, he said "May go back to japan" ... let's keep an eye on him^^

Soundscape on your day off / 休日の音の風景

We also recommends nice music which is selected by DJs or people who are loving music so much.

セレクトと文 / music selection and text by RYU



RYU : 旅するグラフィックデザイナーを経て現在は地元を拠点に若手のサポートに関わる.ワールドミュージックやクラブ音楽を好みAutorickshawなどの名義でVJや選曲も行なう.広島市生まれ.

Playlist:Nothing but quiet
選曲と文 / music selection and text by Mitch





Team UNDESIGNED of this issue

Producer / Editor / Video Editor
Takashi Sasaki

Editor in chief  /
Michiaki Nishio 

Regular editor / Editorial designer
Maiko Teramoto

Special thanks for this issue: 

 Arimu Iwamoto, Satoshi Toshimori and Eri Hiromoto (2+), Seiji Fujimoto (FUJIMOTOPRO/NANAMEUE), Mana Wasada, RYU