I don't know design / デザインは,わからない

デザインのまえにあるもの.デザインのうしろにあるもの.あるデザインの背景にある状況や,クライアントの思い,世界の見方.まだデザインされていない未踏の領域について考えること.あるいは,デザインがもたらしてくれたもの.思いもよらぬ偶然が導いてくれる線を辿りながら,デザインとその周りにある物事を知るための旅に出よう.これは,そういうデザインをめぐる旅のおすそ分け.What have been before you designed. What might be after you designed. The situation behind a design, the thoughts of the client, and how to see the world. Thinking about unexplored areas that have not yet been designed. Or what the design has brought.While following the line led by an unexpected coincidence, embark on a journey to learn about design and the things around it. This project is a souvenir of such a kind of trip seeking what design is.

from the team UNDESIGNED. 

The lineup of this issue are,

Perspective / 視点






English ↓

"I don't know design"

When I heard that, I feel lonely. It's not the feeling with regrettable or disgusting, just feel lonliness. Why?

In the city, parking lot. I can't go through that without conciousness. There are chairs to wait for entry and exit there, I'm curious about that. Pipe chairs, sofas, benches, many kinds of those chairs unformely. There are also tables and potted plants. It's fun because these look different everywhere, and it's interesting that those have been there for a long time, even look differently and these create an atmosphere. "When you wait for a car, it's nice to sit down and wait it." From that awareness, the chairs are brought in and some consideration is added and it make the place. It seems to be one aspect of the design that realizes "I wish this happened" in some way. I'm sure it will include something like, changing the position of seasoning that is difficult to take out from the shelf, making a drawer with only things that can't be thrown away, choosing a different path from yesterday, and walking.

The word "I don't know design" sounds lonely because it sounds like a declaration "I'm in a world different from design". But that's probably not the case, somewhere in your daily life. It's definitely things which "You've done it without thought". And I think it's a hopeful act, because those who do will want to make the future a little better.

Would I be laughed at if I told someone who said "I don't know the design" saying, "You may be doing it even if you don't know it, and that's not so bad". (T.M.)

Dialogue / 対話

Gathering under the full moon for the first time in 80 years! / 80年目の満月会を振り返る.
サゴタニ牧農久保さんとMOUNT COFFEE が発行するフリーペーパーYAMABONの皆さん.


広島市内から車で1時間弱,佐伯区の湯来町に大きな夢を抱えた一人の男が牧場を開いたのは今から約80年前のこと.そこでは『満月会』と呼ばれる,毎月満月の夜に牧場で働く人と地域住民とが交流する豊かな時間があったそうです.それはサゴタニ牧農の創業者である久保さんのおじいさんが当時自分たちや町の将来への思いを込めて始めた大切な行事.復活のきっかけとなったのは,MOUNT COFFEEの山本さんがコーヒーを通じて出会った素敵な人をお客様に紹介する『YAMABON』の取材.そこで盛り上がったことが広がって,2021年の10月に本当に素敵なイベント「80年目の満月会」が開催されたのでした.そのイベントで流れる何とも特別で愛おしい空気を感じたUNDESIGNEDのチームが,その背景を聞くために,当事者の久保さん,山本さん,それからYAMABONの制作に携わる岩竹さん,矢吹さんと一緒にお話を聞くことができました.

English ↓

The wish gathered under the full moon for the first time in 80 years.

It was about 80 years ago that a man with a big dream opened a ranch in Yuki-cho, Saeki-ku, less than an hour's drive from Hiroshima city. It seems that there was a rich time called "Full Moon Party" where people working at the ranch and local residents interacted with each other on the night of the full moon every month. It was remarkable that the grandfather of Mr. Kubo, the founder of Sagotani Makino, held the party with his thoughts on the future of himself and the town at that time. The reason for the revival was the coverage of "YAMABON", where Mr. Yamamoto of MOUNT COFFEE introduced the wonderful people he met through coffee to customers. Then, in October 2021, a truly wonderful event, the "80th Year Full Moon Party," was held. we were fascinated the special and lovely atmosphere flowing at the event, so that we can't help talking with Mr. Kubo and Mr. Yamamoto, who are the parties concerned, and Mrs. Iwatake and Mrs. Yabuki who are involved in the production of YAMABON.

MOUNT COFFEE が発行しているフリーペーパー "YAMABON" ↓


Christmas meets Japanese tradition. KADOMATREE カドマツリー designed by Seiji Fujimoto



続きを読む /English summary is also below ↓


As you can imagine from the name "Kadomatree" devised by Mr. Seiji Fujimoto of Fujimoto Product, you can enjoy both of Kadomatsu, which is a New Year's decoration of Japanese auspicious things, and a Western Christmas tree, which is familiar in Japan. At first glance, it tends to be perceived as a party joke, but it makes me think about deep themes that cannot be described simply by the word "Japanese-Western eclectic", such as inheritance of tradition, archeology, religion, and culture. It is a design that includes raising problems. The tree, which is decorated with real pine needles and bamboo, red fruits and acorns, small pine cones and Mizuhiki, will return to the earth at the "Tondo Festival" which is also a traditional Japanese custom in the end. Here, he showed us a demonstration of how to change to Kadomatsu. "Kadomatree" distributed in the form of a workshop at the end of each year. It seems that that is a design which an awareness of traditional customs that can be easily incorporated into modern life.

地図はアートか from TAMENTAI GALLERY / How can maps become art?

↓ Podcast版



at TAMENTAI GALLERY 鶴見町ラボ(広島市中区)

続きを読む /English summary is also below ↓



Mr. Isao Yamamoto, who opened a new gallery space in an old apartment building along the Enko River near Hijiyama in Tsurumi-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City as "Tamentai Gallery Tsurumi-cho Lab". I went to an exhibition called "Where is Tsurumi-cho, far from Hiroshima?" (Date:14th-21st dec. 2021) featuring Mami Tomiya, a map artist who is the opening exhibition project, and listened to the story of them.

Artist Tomiya originally majored in photography at art school, and she had an extraordinary interest in maps, and after working for a map production company, she became independent. At first glance, it looks like an "illustration map", but it is drawn from a fairly personal point of view, and the deformation and color usage of the scale is very unique because it reflects the emotions and weather at that moment. This time, she travelled from Tokyo to Hiroshima by ship for this exhibition. It is exhibited together with maps and landscape sketches drawn on that route.

We also asked Mr. Isao Yamamoto, who set up this exhibition space "Tamentai Gallery Tsurumicho Lab" as a new base, to talk about the concept of the lab and future projects.

2+ (tuuten) による偶然がつくるバッグのワークショップ / Making your original bag by chance, designed by 2+


東京に本拠地のあるアパレルブランドである株式会社 AMBIDEX が広島市内にあるミナガルテンポップアップストアを展開するのに合わせて,広島在住のデザイナー,アートディレクターの広本理絵さんと年盛覚さんが今回のために立ち上げた 2+ (tuuten) が初めてのワークショップを行うというので話を聞いてきました.

続きを読む /English summary is also below ↓





This time, Rie Hiromoto and Satoshi Toshimori, designers and art directors living in Hiroshima, have launched their first workshop. This was done when the Tokyo-based apparel brand "AMBIDEX" opened a pop-up store in Minagarten, Hiroshima City.

At the event, they sold bags using the remaining fabrics of the AMBIDEX brand original fabrics. Expressing an attitude towards today's sustainable issues is a major issue for manufacturers. That's why new creations and solutions are born, and the content of these workshops and places is a good opportunity to show thier customers that attitude. In addition, 2+ brought more gameplay and unpredictable results to the workshop. By drawing a lottery, the material and shape of the bag will change.

Satoshi, who is usually a tutor at a design school, said, "Activities other than work increase motivation in a sense." "As a designer, I rarely see consumer reactions in person, so it's a good experience," said Rie, who was servicing customers while holding her children, with a laugh.

It tends to be a little difficult to think about sustainability, but 2+ might have designed the atmosphere that customer can accept "that is a destiny/inevitable" nevertheless it occured by chance, with their smile.

Essentials / 日常

ここでは,日常の中で見つけることが出来るデザインのエッセンスや,モノやコトへの視点がそれぞれの感性によって語られます.また,UNDESIGNEDを読みながら楽しんでもらうための素敵な音楽のセレクションも一緒に.毎回,UNDESIGNEDのメンバーやゲストの寄稿でアトランダムに構成します.Here, the essence of design that can be found in everyday life and the perspective on things are talked about by each sensibility. Plus, with a good music playlist for you. Each time, it is randomly provided by UNDESIGNED members and guest writers.

in the corner of the world / 世界の片隅


写真では多くが、いわゆる被写体が主になるように、画面の中にある。そのように世界が写真の中に収まる。 でも、世界って、そうなのか? 

目の前の見るともなく見ていて全て分かっていると思っている風景の隅で、 実は何かが起こっているのではないのか。あるいは、画面の大半を占めているものよりも、その中の小さな点が、大切だってこともあるかも。 そういうふうに世界を見たい。 むしろ世界は、その片隅に、何かが起こっているはず、なので。Photo and text by Maiko Teramoto





意外といい顔建築 / Unexpectedly handsome


Photo and text by Michiaki Nishio




あらためて調べてみると,この塔は広島市出島処理場の排気塔,し尿処理のプロセスで最終的に大気に還元される空気の出口であった.その事実を知ったうえで登りたいかと聞かれれば,正直,ちょっと躊躇う.一方で脳は勝手にニューヨークの 432 avenue を思い浮かべる.似たようなスレンダー比なのだ.排気塔と億万長者の暮らす高級コンドミニアム.天と地の差があっても,イメージが結び付くというのは不思議なものだと思う.


English summary is also below ↓

A slender tower that suddenly appears at the edge of the city, at the tip of a section lined with warehouses.

From my childhood, I have been aware that I tend to be attracted to water towers, chimneys, and other shapes that extend high into the sky. I also like climbing high places. If I were allowed to climb it, such as the bell tower of a Gothic church in Europe or the lantern that sits on a huge cupola, I would climb it. It is a climber among the climbers ("climber" of this sentence means someone who come city from rural area).

So, when I discovered this tower long ago, I wanted to climb it obediently. This slenderness (it seems that there is an index called slender ratio among tower lovers. As far as you can see on the screen, 1/9, maybe about 1/10) is probably one of the most slender tower in Hiroshima. As a function, I could imagine that it would be an exhaust tower from the location and appearance. However, the memory was buried in my daily life without knowing what kind of facility it was.

In fact, this tower was the exhaust tower at the Dejima Treatment Plant in Hiroshima City, and the outlet for the air that was finally reduced to the atmosphere during the urine treatment process. To be honest, I hesitate a little when asked if I want to climb after knowing that fact. On the other hand, the brain arbitrarily thinks of his 432 avenue in New York. It's a similar slender ratio. A luxury condominium with an exhaust tower and a millionaire. I think it is strange that the images are resonated even if there is a difference between heaven and earth.

Soundscape on your day off / 休日の音の風景

We also recommends nice music which is selected by DJs or people who are loving music so much.

Playlist: "Rambling with my shadow"

選曲と文 / selection and text by Mitch


Mitchiaki Nishio aka bittersweet : from team UNDESIGNED

Correspondence / 交信

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