005  Connecting the dots 



What have been before you designed. What might be after you designed. The situation behind a design, the thoughts of the client, and how to see the world. Thinking about unexplored areas that have not yet been designed. Or what the design has brought. While following the line led by an unexpected coincidence, embark on a journey to learn about design and the things around it. This project is a souvenir of such a kind of trip seeking what design is.

from the team UNDESIGNED

Perspective / 視点

Connecting the dots 点を繋ぐ


UNDESIGNED, which has been transmitting the design and its surroundings, is celebrating half a year. For the past six months, I have been interviewing various people, feeling what they value with and looking forward to what they will do in their future. Meanwhile, I gradually realized that there are many people who aren't the ones who design something as a job even, but who are just as interested in or looking forward to design. I feel that what they have in common is that they are thinking about what the future should be with someone something . I hope that one day UNDESIGNED will lead to the connection of such people and the concrete shape of what they are trying to do. (T.S)

Dialogue / 対話

Interview with Makoto Tanijiri (Suppose Design Office)  谷尻誠さんへのインタビュー

We interviewed to Makoto Tanijiri (Suppose Design Office) to talk about the recent projects and thought. He says that he enjoys his time in nature these days. He mentioned to an interesting experience in Biei, Hokkaido, an overview of the project there, the latest information on the project of the new office in Hiroshima, the topic of his own house in Tokyo, and the change in the role of the architect. The one of the reasons why he is regarded as a representative of a kind of new architect image is how to be able to expand his unique work area/field, compare to architects used to be. His answer, however, was to have a sense of ordinary one's. In addition, a sneak peek about a project in Yuki-cho (Saeki-ku, Hiroshima City), where UNDESIGNED has a connection.


谷尻誠さん(Suppose Design Office)に近況を話してもらいました.最近は自然の中で過ごすことが多いと語る谷尻誠さん.北海道の美瑛での面白かった体験,そこでのプロジェクト概要,広島で進めている新事務所のプロジェクトの最新情報,話題の東京の自邸(HOUSE T)そこから,建築家の役割の変化についてまで話が及びます.彼がある種新しい建築家像の代表的な存在として捉えられる理由の一つに,彼のその独特な仕事領域の拡げ方があると思います.彼の答えは,しかし,ごく普通の感覚でいること,でした.そのほか,最近 UNDESIGNED が縁のある湯来町(広島市佐伯区)でのプロジェクトについても聞いています.

Interview with team YAMABON / Mount Coffeeが発行しているフリーペーパー "YAMABON" の話

MOUNT COFFEE の山本さんが温めてきた「伝えたいこと」がフリーペーパー YAMABON になるまでの経緯をお話しいただきました.想いが形になることでコミュニティを育む.岩竹さんも矢吹さんも昔からMOUNT COFFEE を支えてきたチームだったんですね.それがマメイケダさんのイラストに繋がっていくまでのストーリーはつい笑ってしまいます.そして,人と人の繋がりの中でサゴタニ牧農の久保さんとジョインして,昨年10月の満月祭に至るまでの秘話が語られています.環境の中に生命があり,その一部として人が生きているというごく当たり前だけどつい忘れてしまう日常ですが,こういう人たちのコミュニティにいると,その大事なことを再認識させてくれるなと思ったのでした.


Mr. Yamamoto of MOUNT COFFEE told us about how the "what I want to convey" became a free paper YAMABON. Mrs. Iwatake and Mrs. Yabuki have been the teams that have supported MOUNT COFFEE for a long time. The story about Mameikeda's illustrations likely makes you laugh. Then, in the connection between people, he joined with Mr. Kubo, a farmer of Sagotani, and told us the secret story up to "full moon festival" in October last year. We people tend to forget the face which there is life in the whole environment include human being, and it is quite natural that we are as part of it, but when you are in a community of such people, it reminds me of that.

Essentials / 日常


Here, the essence of design that can be found in everyday life and the perspective on things are talked about by each sensibility. Plus, with a good music playlist for you. Each time, it is randomly provided by UNDESIGNED members and guest writers.

逆読み / reverse reading


illustration and text by Maiko Teramoto


カナダからの手紙 / Love letter from Canada


Photo and text by Arimu Iwamoto

写真展を終えて (2022年2月 広島、日本)


いや、僕自身の余韻に浸れない分、部屋が補ってくれているのではないか、? そういうことにしておきたい。


意外といい顔建築 / Unexpectedly handsome


Photo and text by Michiaki Nishio

A robot or a rocket? Sometimes you might recognise something very different way, even though you have seen that before and many times over and over again. What did effect you the specific moment when you saw something completely different way, obviously you don't know. 

Is this an architecture? Yes it is, in a definition of what is architecture by law. Nevertheless you can't agree with it. As it shows apparently it's not a house, nor any institution that opens to public, a kind of factory that is constructed specific way to something, very functional way. 

It must have been planned as it needs, only functional needs, then it ended up to be very unorganised shape, so you may say it is ugly. However, I should raise my hand to say opposite. I don't know whether it is like a syndrome that I have seen too many beautiful even good looking architecture so far? So am I boring with sophisticated architecture?

Okay, even you don't agree with my opinion that you can see beauty of architecture over this, I would like to insist there is here. It's not because it is an example the well-known term "form follows function" but it's just beautiful.

Soundscape on your day off / 休日の音の風景

We also recommends nice music which is selected by DJs or people who are loving music so much.

選曲と文 / selection and text by Mitch 

Very frequently, yes very frequently, things what are happening here and there are too noisy and make us depressing or overwhelming, from circumstances in Ukraine to small things in day to day basis. So we should try new way to understand the world surrounds you. Seeing by your ears and listening by your eyes, which might be a good way to keep your creative room in your mind.


Team UNDESIGNED of this issue

Producer / Editor / Video Editor
Takashi Sasaki

Editor in chief / Video Editor
Michiaki Nishio 

Regular editor / Editorial designer
Maiko Teramoto

Special thanks for this issue: 

Clara dos Santos Buser (from KUGI), Makoto Tanijiri (Suppose Design Office), Team Yamabon: Shohei Yamamoto (MOUNT COFFEE), Kaori Iwatake, Nami Yabuki (coto.toco) / Kosuke Kubo (Sagotani farmer) Arimu Iwamoto.